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Nom Marokkaanse Moskeevereniging
Adresse Dandermondssttenweg, 89
Code Postal 2830

Nom Willebroek Dernegi
Adresse Stationplein 22
Code Postal 2830

Nom Moskee Al Islam
Adresse Vooruitgangstraat, 64
Code Postal 2830

Nom Willebroek II Turk Isc Yard
Adresse Stationstraat 106
Code Postal 2830

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Nadia Auxila McIntosh 31/05/2009 05:35

شئون النّساء لبيت الممتحنة
Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.®
P.O. Box 1462, Baltimore, Maryland 21203
321 South Pulaski Street, Baltimore, MD  21217
www.almumtahinahhome.com / almumtahinah1.home@yahoo.com
                                                                     (443) 798-1323 May 31, 2009

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.  May this Message reach you in the best of Iman.  Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.,   would like to thank you for your assistance.  We are calling on you once again for your support.   The shelter for homeless women and their children operates based on the source of Qur’an and Sunna. 
We have a non-discriminatory policy. Assistance is provided to individual’s whether Muslim or non-Muslim.
It is the practice of Women Affairs to safeguard Modesty, decency, and to observe the prohibitions that Allah and his Apostle command. This includes purity of heart and clarity of conscience.  While advocating the codes and ethics of Islamic behavior, the policy of the home is that there is no compulsion in religion and that consideration of the feelings of all human beings deserves appropriate attention.
In addition to the Women’s Shelter, we operate a Halal emergency food pantry for community members/residents who are in need of assistance.  Insha’Allah you will find it in your heart to assist us in any way you can.
Our resources are low and we are in need of assistance to maintain our operating expenses for Womens Affairs. The shelter is a vital project. We need to continue to have our doors open for those that are homeless.  We are not funded or receiving financial support from organizations or Masajids at this time.
 We operate by the Blessings of Allah and donations from those who understand such as your self. We are registered and Incorporated by the state of Maryland as Nonprofit  corporation.  We are in the process of receiving our tax-exempt certificate insha’Allah, while we wait for the certificate we are in urgent need of your generosity, we pray that you will make a pledge or monthly contributions to assist with the shelter expenses for the remainder of the year.  Enclose is a pledge form should you decide to make a one time contribution or a monthly pledge. Any amount of support you provide is greatly appreciated. 
Wa salaam wa Nur.
Peace and Light
Nadia Auxila McIntosh
Nadia Auxila McIntosh